I wonder how long you’re going to stay here with me. Linger a little while.

Your finger’s getting twitchy, I know.

Like a nervy gunslinger in the old wild west, you caress the trigger. You’re only a click away from something new.

Something which could change your life.

And that is first golden rule of writing copy

  1. Start strong.
  2. Don’t hang about.
  3. Address the reader.
  4. Use simple words.
  5. With the occasional outlier for good measure.
  6. Use them judiciously, then they’ll stand out.
  7. Use short sentences.
  8. With short paragraphs.
  9. And contractions such as ‘you’re’.
  10. Write as you speak.
  11. Break the rules of grammar as it suits. (It should really be ‘Start strongly’, but you knew that, right?)
  12. Don’t deal in stereotypes: use archetypes (here the outlaw).
  13. Challenge.
  14. Appeal to emotions.
  15. Weave in a little escapism.
  16. Don’t invite. Tell.
  17. When you don’t tell, show.
  18. Use imagery.
  19. Use drama.
  20. Dare to be different.
  21. Use sound effects such as alliteration and assonance, but sparingly.
  22. and the bonus golden rule for good measure...

  23. Above all things, make it memorable.