My Rates

Most copywriters don’t publish their rates.

To save you time, here are mine.

  • LinkedIn posts from £100
  • Press releases from £200
  • Blogs from £300
  • Leaflets from £600
  • Website appraisals from £500
  • Website rewrites from £700


And how does that compare to the going rate?

I belong to ProCopywriters.

Their 2023 survey of 561 members reported: “£433 is the average day rate.”

It's worth noting that the median contractor rate for a business consultant is £550 per day, according to IT Jobs Watch.

I charge £320 a day.


For a more in-depth analysis of their advice and findings


A little uncertain where to start?

Drop me a line on 07848 897538 or email

I will be happy to talk you through the process, discussing what your project requires in terms of research, planning and writing.

I could, for instance, write a quick critique of current copy, and compile a list of pointers.

We would then take it from there.