A big thank you to John Espirian, fellow copywriter and author of
Content DNA, who lists me among his 22 “UK go-to copywriters”.

"I have worked with Ben on various projects over the last 12 months and he is utterly brilliant - he lives and breathes education and is a constant source of knowledge and advice on a complex and ever-changing landscape. Reliable, trustworthy and a brilliant writer - he just 'gets us'. I almost didn't want to promote how good he is, as now he'll probably be very booked up!"
Sally Alexander, Director
Ambleglow, education marketing


"I've asked Ben to join our writers pool to help create great and engaging content for our content marketing strategy. He was quick to understand our needs, happy to collaborate and give some insightful feedback. His mastery of the EdTech market was a truly appreciated bonus for us.
I would recommend him in a heartbeat!
Camille Cocaud, “Mentor de startups ambitieuses”
Consultant Growth and Marketing B2B


It was a pleasure to recently work with Ben on the creation of our Parent Engagement eBook! His knowledge of the education market and previous experience as a teacher really helped to bring the copy to life and provide relevant practical tips for schools. He was quickly able to understand our core products and service as well as provide a quick turn around on the copy! I look forward to working with him on future projects.
Vanessa Da Cunha, Marketing Content Manager
Firefly Learning


“‘A word after a word after a word is power.’
Margaret Atwood
‘A word after a word after a word becomes hard work.
Hire a copywriter.’
These are the powerful, simple, effective words that drew me to Ben. If you can say it powerfully and simply in only a few words, you know you are reading the work of a word master! Ben is just that!
If you have a website, a blog, an advert, a document of any kind using words that you need to have written in the field of education... do yourself a favour and hire Ben!
Firstly, he's a really nice chap, secondly, he's REALLY professional, thorough, and honest, and thirdly, you will end up with a few really powerful words that drive action for you.
If, like me, you tend to use 100 words when 3 could do... Ben is your man and you'll thank yourself for getting him on board!”
Clare Stead, Founder
Oliiki app


“Ben’s help with our marketing campaign was invaluable. He took the time to understand our business and what we were trying to achieve. The end result was subsequently something that did exactly what we needed, delivered within a very tight timeframe and budget. We couldn’t have been happier with the service. This was a new experience for us and he was very patient and helpful in guiding us through the process and making us aware of a number of issues we wouldn’t otherwise have considered. All in all I couldn’t recommend him highly enough!”
James Willmott, Director
Maths Kitchen


“It was a pleasure to work with Ben recently on some content for Love Topsham. Thanks Ben for your input. Great to work with you! Let’s do it again soon.
Jo Berman
Marketing communications consultant
Marketing lead for Love Topsham (CIC)


Ben's advice and insight to the writing on my social media and website platforms was very informative, motivating and helpful! I am confident that Ben's skills could add value to any business and would highly recommend contacting him to see how he can help you.
Damian Sciberras


Ben worked on a piece of work with me and I found he had a really considered and thoughtful approach. This approach delivered a great end result. Ben provided excellent value for money and was communicative and collaborative. Ben was also very generous with his creative writing advice and left me thinking I wish he had been my English teacher!
Sarah Whale, Founder and Director
Profit Impact


“Ben is one of the real nice guys on the copywriting scene. He takes all his knowledge from his former life as a teacher and puts it into his education marketing and copywriting work. Great to chat with and someone who is easy to work with. Top man”
John Espirian


“Ben has been fabulous. We first spoke a year ago. I contacted him again recently when I was ready to work with him. He is professional, thorough, patient, and extremely easy to speak with. He listened to my thoughts about what I wished to achieve and stayed with me as I changed my mind or extended my thoughts on the work in progress. He researched my topic with interest and gave me ideas to consider along with helping me to understand thoughts that contributed to the individual paragraphs he had completed. He understood that my copy had to be me- just more concise and to the blooming point!! He was able to get into my head and present the salient points for my audience. We know what we want to say, however, we are too much in our own way. Ben is the expert that comes to our rescue. He is talented and works with integrity. I felt looked after, the process was collaborative. Ben was approachable and worked around my schedule. It is a pleasure to write a recommendation for him.”
Naiyer Sultana Qureshi
Neuro Coach


“There are writers, wordsmiths and storytellers. Ben happens to be all three. It's a delightful and illuminating experience to collaborate with Ben I can't imagine that there is anyone better.”
Amanda Duncan
Founder and Director


“Not many people could interpret my words about Synthetic Power Purchase Agreements into something the layman could understand and want to read, but Ben managed to. Strongly recommend. Very efficient and professional service.”
Alastair Mumford
SWEP Regional Programme Manager – Devon at Bristol City Council
& Corporate Energy Manager at Devon County Council


“Ben’s copywriting expertise was invaluable in helping clearly and concisely communicate a client’s messaging on a website redesign we were undertaking for them. He got everything done ahead of time and was always on hand to answer any questions we had. It’s the first time we’ve engaged the services of a professional copywriter and certainly won’t be the last...thanks Ben!”
Niall Allen, Founder and Creative Director
Avenue Creative


““I was introduced to Ben when looking to refresh my website. As a financial adviser it was key for me to clearly and concisely explain not only what I do but why I am so passionate about this industry and how I use this as a motivation to help my clients. Working with Ben has allowed me to get these thoughts and motivations clearly onto print He really took the time to understand the personality behind my business and has been able to convey that within the copy. A really nice guy and a pleasure to work with, I would highly recommend!”
Rob Ingram, Principal
Robert Ingram Wealth Management


“Ben has written a number of articles for me, that were published in the Grow Magazine. I moved to the area from up country, and needed to introduce and promote myself in the local community, as well as explain about my company, Marsh Commercial, who were also going through a name change and re-brand.
I was lucky enough to find Ben, and we spent several meetings together. His inquisitive questioning and gentle approach enabled me to talk freely and openly about all of the things important to me, my family, friends and of course my business.
Ben, not only helped tell my story, position my business locally, he grasped my personality and style of leadership and was able to portray that in his writing. He has become a valuable person in my business life and I could not recommend him highly enough.”
Mark Minton, Branch Director
Marsh Commercial


“Ben is not only an excellent wordsmith but also he's personable, positive and reliable. I'm very pleased to have his help. Highly recommended.”
Guy Arnold, Founder
The “Slow Selling” movement


“Ben's copywriting is brilliant, I never have any changes and he always delivers promptly on any pieces I commission. I've been particularly impressed with Ben's pieces focused on school HR and teacher recruitment. I would happily recommend Ben to anyone looking for education-based copywriting.”
Lauren Selwood, Marketing Executive
Ambleglow – Education Marketing


"A huge thank you to Ben for his dedication and belief in my company! Ben immediately tuned in to the importance of the story I am trying to tell and the message I want to deliver for my company, understanding where we are now and where we want to be in the future. Ben has gone above and beyond to tell my company’s story as if it were coming directly from me which is so important! On top of this Ben is just a great guy to work with. Ben would make sure I had everything I needed and if I needed a little extra consultation Ben was always at the other end of the phone.
Thank you.”
Tom Veasey, Director and Founder
Creative Theatre Academy


"Ben provides my company with brilliant blog content on a continuous basis. I always trust Ben to provide great quality content because his writing ability is of the highest calibre and I feel he genuinely understands our business. Ben is friendly and professional, putting great effort into successfully providing content that resonates with our existing and potential customers. His service provides us with excellent value for money and I have always found his delivery to be on-time and rarely needing editing before publishing. I strongly recommend Ben Masters to other businesses looking for a reliable and high standard content creator."
Mike Dowling, CEO
Milk Student Planner


"Ben's 'speedy' review of our site copy was structured, insightful and added real value. From start to finish Ben was prompt, professional and a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend his services to anyone who wants to elevate their copywriting."
Sam Delbaere
Transition Tradition Limited


"Ben was invaluable in the production of Exeter School's new website. He had the huge job of re-writing, writing and editing all the copy - over 50 pages - from a multitude of sources. He tackled the various styles to create a consistent voice throughout. He helped iron out any inconsistencies in the school's editorial guidelines and was a great support to me as a sounding board, offering advice and guidance. He was fast, efficient, helpful and professional and I couldn't have done it without him! Thank you, Ben"
Karen Brookes-Ferrari
Communications Officer
Exeter School


“Ben helped with home page copy for a client's site. The copy was engaging and personal with well placed pointers to products and services. Without prompt Ben also made the effort to give an overview and general recommendations/rules for the entire site which can be used as we work our way through the content. I would highly recommend Ben whose professional and creative approach to our website has already had a knock-on effect of increased engagement and conversions.”
James Avery, Director
James Avery Online Marketing


“We have worked with Ben on two projects now and are absolutely chuffed to bits with his work! He has basically transformed random bullet points of mine into outstanding leaflets that will really stand out and capture our clients' attention. His gift with words is true genius. I don't know how he manages to come out with the most incredible copy that makes me think, laugh, have goose bumps all in one sitting.
Ben spent time with us to identify our intended audience and our desired outcomes. He even played a fab game with us to find out what we liked the most from a bunch of leaflets. We love games! After our meeting Ben went away, did LOADS of research and thinking, then sent me his copy within only a couple of days. I was pretty much speechless when I read his work other than the word "WOW" which kept coming out of my mouth.
Having worked with Ben I will never try to spend hours and hours worrying about writing something again as I know just who to go to. There's a quote where it says "if you want a job done right, do it yourself", on this occasion I completely disagree. If you want your words to stand out, mean something and engage an audience, send it to Ben!”
Leanne Fennell
Business Manager
Articulacy UK


"Ben recently did some editing for The Body Camp after being recommended by a good friend. He was a pleasure to work with, very efficient and turned the work around quickly. He did a great job and made suggestions that improved the format and style of the copy he was working on, which in this instance was a Cook Book that is in the process of being written. I recommend him highly and look forward to working with him again in the future."
Jacqueline O’Brien
Partner and Business Manager
The Body Camp


"I first met Ben when he volunteered as a Mentor to help 16 - 24 year olds who are the most disengaged and disenfranchised from the workplace. I explained to him about a very exciting, future project that the charity BEEP has in the pipeline and I asked him to come up with a narrative. I was amazed at the quick response and the piece of work he produced was excellent. He had listened to the brief and his ability to bring this initial description to life, in such an imaginative and passionate way, was brilliant. I would certainly recommend Ben to anyone who wants to bring some flair and expertise to their written word."
Sandra Hall, Director
Sampson Hall


“I used Ben when I first set up my business to help with some of the copywriting work allowing me to focus on other matters, it was perfect and filled the gap until I had built my business up enough to employ my own staff. The work he produced was of high quality and he had a very good turnaround time.”
Dana Mulligan, Director
Dana Mulligan PR & Marketing


“Ben has written a fabulous leaflet for our new marketing. We are really pleased with how fluid and natural his writing is. Glad we have found a super copywriter!”
Ali Shorer, Director
Articulacy UK


“Ben is an absolute pleasure to work with. Helpful, friendly, professional and a true wordsmith. I would not hesitate to recommend Ben to anybody and look forward to having the chance to work with him again in the future.”
Natalie Hailey
Founder of Hot Content


“I asked Ben to come up with some straplines for my business and was so impressed with Ben's quick response and ideas. He produced several fantastic lines making it so difficult to choose one! Ben is extremely creative with words and enthusiastic about what he does. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending Ben. I will be going back to Ben when I need some copy for my website.”
Lisa Singleton, Business Owner
Zebra Design


“Ben is the easiest person to work with, pleasant and flexible, and he did a fabulous job for us. I am in no doubt we will work with him again. Thank you, Ben.”
Julia Ward, Director
Articulacy UK


“Ben has been a dream to work with. We needed some quick help to check our science based training course for consistency, style, grammar, and spelling. Ben went above and beyond and provided recommendations and guidance far exceeding expectations. With a background in business and education, he has the right skills, knowledge, and mindset to do great work. Thank you, Ben!”
Nicola Hemmings
Lead Psychologist
Soma Analytics


“Ben has been a pleasure to work with. I found him to be very reliable and professional in his approach to the project. His ideas were fresh and creative and it just made the whole process so much easier. I would not hesitate to work with Ben again in the future and would recommend him highly to anyone.”
Alastair Bruce
Estuary Digital Services


“Ben is clearly versatile, experienced, and knows how to approach the job of writing, even if the subject matter may not be familiar. I asked him to look over an arts funding application, I’ve ploughed through many and know how long it takes to get my thoughts into shape so that it reads in a very competitive field. Ben was extremely quick to spot discrepancies, wasn’t afraid to question or challenge when meaning was not clear. He keeps sight of the bigger picture and is skilled with grammar and structure to transform sentences in a seemingly effortless way. He is both direct and approachable, committed to making things work and most importantly for me, he really listens.”
Jane Mason
Choreographer, Performer, Theatre Collaborator


“We didn't realise how much we needed Ben until he started writing for us. He has a real talent for all things wordy. He also has a commercial edge which is a bonus! He's fast too.”
Katie Parsons-Young, Managing Director
Kusten Vorland


“I have used a few editing services in the past and would highly recommend Ben. His editing was excellent and insightful with an understanding not just of the wording but also the business goals. He really helped us sharpen our general marketing message and I am confident it will make a difference to conversions. I would definitely recommend his services.”
Neil Henderson, Manager Director
Virtual Devon


“Ben’s comments on my best attempt to write a short article demonstrated to me how difficult it is to proof read one’s own writing, both from the perspective of conveying the intended message effectively and of making it easy for someone to read. His professional and sensitive, but very constructive remarks and annotations were invaluable in showing how documents could be improved, and in helping me connect better with my audience.”
William Lines, Managing Director
Clyst Information Systems


“We commissioned Ben to give our corporate brochure copy a professional finish. As a creative agency, we put a lot of emphasis on our copy being as crafted as our design and Ben’s edited text did this for us.”
David Clarke, Art Director
D2 Creative


You want your writing to stand out from the crowd – for the right reasons.

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