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My wife – who is, more importantly, my editor – said that some of my recent posts have been a little highbrow.

Conceded. Montaigne takes a little effort. (But then so does writing.)

To balance things out, here’s a silly formula on how to write the winningest copy.

The POTATO copywriting formula.

Point – what is the core message of the piece? Narrow it down to one point for maximum impact.

Originality – avoid the “meh” factor: ask, “How will it stand out?” Are you adding anything new to the conversation? I imagine Catherine Tate’s Lauren looking over my shoulder asking, “Am I bovvered?”

Tone – get the tone right – you want to win over rather than alienate your audience.

Assonance, alliteration and the like – a little lyricism goes a long way. If it ain't got that swing, they won’t remember a thing. Ease the reader’s journey along the tracks and make the writing memorable.

Tropes/tricks such as metaphors/analogies also make your message sticky.

Order/sequencing – such a neglected feature of writing: get the structure right – should I start the piece with an overview, intrigue, an anecdote, a question, a killer quotation? And how to conclude?

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(And, of course, good copywriters are like the humble spud: unshowy, affordable, adaptable, versatile.)

Does your content marketing lack bite?

Is your blogging mash just a little lumpy?

Do your roasted bloggies lack crunch?

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